NSI Research, Inc. was founded in 1987 to offer market research and consulting services to companies competing on the computer systems and software, consumer electronics, and telecommunications services and equipment industries. Its head office is located in the Silicon Valley, with an affiliated office in Japan.

NSI Research employs various research methodologies to provide studies tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Research methodologies used by the firm includes:

  • Online and document search
  • Vendor interviews – onsite and telephone
  • User interviews – onsite and telephone
  • Questionnaire survey – web and mail based
  • Focus group

NSI Research has conducted numerous custom studies for its clients on the past. In addition to single client studies, the firm has published several off-the-shelf reports.

NSI ResearchとThe Compassについて

NSI Research, Inc.は1987 年に米国のシリコンバレーに設立された情報・通信・放送技術分野のマーケット調査とコンサルティング・サービスを提供する会社です。

The CompassNSI Researchが調査、制作しているデジタル放送とブロードバンドTV市場のニュースと分析サービスで、マンスリーレポートと年刊レポートで構成されています。

The Compassの詳細、購読方法に関してはこちらのページをご覧下さい。

NSI Research Inc.
5080 Shalen Ct., San Jose, CA 95130


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